As a small and growing brand, you probably deal with numerous challenges every day. It’s never enough to have a website, unless you have promoted it well. One of the crucial aspects of online marketing is social media promotions, and it’s important to start as early as possible. If you don’t have the time for social media posting, you can always hire a company that holds expertise in the field. Here are some of the quick things you need to know.

  • Firstly, don’t fall for cheap quotes and big discounts. Marketing is all about results, and you need to hire a company that can offer value for money. Paying for an experienced service is always a better idea.
  • Don’t make a long term contract right away. Most services will coax you to sign up for six months, but the initial work contract shouldn’t exceed three months. Once you like the service, you can always go ahead and ask for a renewal.

  • Check their work. It’s important to know the existing and previous clients of the company. Try knowing their company background and overall work experience, and if required, ask for a few client references. You can also check their projects to know the range and diversity of their work profile.
  • Focus on relationships. When you hire a social media strategist, you need to know their work approach. It’s essential to build relationship with customers on various platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and you need a team that can manage these things on your behalf.

  • Know their work approach in detail. What kind of tools and strategies does a company use for social media promotions? Will they explain their work standards and ethics? What kind of additional help can they offer?
  • Can the company handle other tasks? Having help for other things such as website development, SEO and PPC can be added advantage. If a company can manage all things for your portal, it’s always helpful in reducing costs.

  • Lastly, be careful about the claims. Some companies talk of big things about their services, but the results are often mediocre. It’s best to be realistic in your approach. Don’t justify their quote based on what they claim. Instead, check their work and other things mentioned in this list to take a call.

It’s also important that you ask for regular reports on the project. This will just help in comparing the actual results every month.