Android device is equipped with almost everything you need in everyday life. However, many manufacturers clap their overloaded user interfaces on the original surface, Google accesses personal data, and the battery is too short. Fortunately, Android offers many ways to counter such annoyances. One of these is to exchange Google’s apps against alternative offers. The preinstalled portfolio of Google and the smartphone manufacturers quickly reaches its limits. Google Maps, for example, works offline only very limited, the camera has very little adjustment possibilities.

The Google Play Store provides a quick replacement for all Google and maker apps. The functionality of many alternatives exceeds the preinstalled programs. Some are specialized in areas that do not serve Android or are freed from unnecessary attachments. The choice is huge, which is why we have compiled apps that are generally recommended or offer unique features.

Once you’ve found a favorite, Google and vendor apps are no longer needed. However, they are not easy to uninstall. To get rid of them, there are two possibilities: If you want to delete the programs completely and the memory space, you have to remove all the data of the device, so get full write and read access to it, which can be dangerous.

It is easier to disable the app. The app icon disappears, but the files remain. The corresponding option is available in the settings under the Apps menu item. There you can also delete the already installed updates and the cache of the respective program, which frees a bit of memory space. As long as the application is disabled, you cannot use it. If you think differently, you can activate the program again at any time. 9app is very useful app on the Android.


If you think about mobilizing your company, the four technologies presented will come into question. Which of these is the right one for you depends on various factors? In addition to the mobile strategy pursued, the size of the budget should also be significant. The most cost-effective solution is the creation of a mobile website. If there is a relaunch of the company website in the near future, you should consider the topic “Responsive Web design”, since subsequent retrofitting is difficult or impossible to accomplish. Developing a web app retrieved through the browser is more cost-effective than providing native apps for the various platforms. Native apps have advantages over web apps, such as support for all phone functions and availability in the app stores.

If the budget does not matter, you can go several ways at the same time, for example, offering Responsive Web, Web App, and Native Apps. However, the decision-makers are often not sufficiently sensitized to the issue and the budgets for mobile are limited accordingly. We would be pleased to advise you on the subject of Mobile Internet and, together with you, we develop a suitable strategy for your “mobilization”.

If you are in search of an app which can help you in downloading everything you want, 9app is one of the best apps.