All experienced freelance writers swear by one fact – that they had a good start to their writing career. If you are passionate, driven, and have a natural flair for writing, then it is essential that you take the right route.

Want to kick-start a career in freelance writing without having to approach a content writing agency? Here is a list of freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Content writing

You may not want to work full time with a content writing agency. Instead, you may be looking to offer content writing services as a freelancer. Contentmart is one of the top notch freelance content writing websites where clients and writers come together for their content writing service needs. As a writer on the platform, you will see countless number of postings from clients requesting for content writing services from you. It is one of the most reliable freelance content writing websites and is a favorite platform among many writers.


Are you a blogger looking to expand? If you look around, you will notice that there are many blog networks looking out for bloggers like you. If you visit Problogger, Craigslist, and Blogging Jobs, you can come across many clients looking to outsource their work to interested bloggers like you.

Legal writing

If you think you are better suited to be a legal copywriter, then you can choose to write research papers, legal briefs, among other options. Many clients prefer to approach freelance legal copywriters than content writing agencies. You can search for job postings pertaining to legal writing on different job boards and freelance content writing websites by specifying your niche as a legal copywriter.

Ghost writing

Ghost writing is a good option if you are looking to make some extra money. With this type of writing, you do not get the credit for what you wrote. Someone else does. If you do not object to someone else getting a byline credit for your work, then this is one of the easiest ways to make money through freelance writing. You can find such opportunities listed on content writing websites like Contentmart. Also keep an eye out for such opportunities in newspapers.

Journalism writing

Old school journalism is a favorite among many. You may not want to pursue a full time job as a journalist, but you may still want to write journalistic content as your heart lies there. Visit EByline and Journalism Jobs and you will come across job offers that require your journalistic writing expertise.

Technical writing

If you are interested in technical writing, then you are definitely wanted by many clients. Many clients want freelance technical SEO writers, and if you fall in this category, you are in for a sweet ride. There are many freelance writing websites that offer numerous opportunities for technical writers. Some of the popular options are Dice, Contentmart, and Upwork.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your freelancing career started!