Are you annoyed that your Samsung Galaxy S3 comes to an abrupt halt within a few hours of fun? Don’t worry. Follow a few useful tips to increase the staying power of your Samsung Galaxy S3.

  1. Use Power Saving Option – Most users are unaware of the built-in power saving option in the Galaxy S3. When you enable the Power Saving option, it saves power by
  • Limiting the maximum CPU speed of your phone
  • Changing the background colors in the system apps.

Do you want to know how to enable ‘Power Saving option’? Just go to the ‘Settings’ and on the ‘Power saving’ switch.

  • Adjust the brightness of the phone screen – It is true that bright screens look good, but bright batteries are one of the worst power consumers. If you are outdoors you may need bright screen. If you are indoors make sure, you decrease the brightness. Go to Settings, Display and Brightness.
  • Quicker Timeout – Go to the Screen Timeout options in the Display section of Settings. You have options including 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes. It is important to remember that the quicker the Time Out, the more will be the battery life.
  • Good bye to live wall paper – Animated live wall papers consume a lot of power and are battery killers. Say good bye to live wall papers if you do want to save power.

  • Wi-Fi management – Don’t leave the Wi-Fi option on forever. Switch the Wi-Fi settings off when the signal is weak and when your device is not able to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • GPS and location – If you are not using GPS and location services, there is no meaning in leaving it on. GPS and location settings decrease your battery power.
  • Delete clutter of apps – Is your phone stocked with a lot of apps that you don’t use at all? If so, your battery is sure to die in a few hours of usage. Delete all the unused apps for better battery life.
  • Change the color of your display profile – Are you aware that black consumes lesser power than white. A profile with black background is better than a white background.
  • Airplane mode while travelling – Do you want to save your battery life when you are going on a long travel? If so, you should turn on the Airplane mode. This will prevent your phone from searching for signals and connecting to them.

  • Facebook, Twitter and other similar apps will keep on looking for new notifications. This is a battery eater. To avoid this, you should go to Data Usage and press ‘Restrict background data’.
  • Turn off the radios that you are not using. The radios are scanning for signals forever, thereby, decreasing the battery life.
  • Limit the storage of photos and videos in your Samsung S3. Transfer the stored images and videos to your computer.

The Samsung S3 battery life will definitely increase if you follow the above mentioned tips and you are guaranteed of nonstop fun.