Before buying used car it is important to know the real condition and history of the vehicle. Reliable online pre owned car dealers create transparency by providing the authentic details of the condition and history of the car.

Ambiguity in the mind of potential customer is obvious and they might think should I buy used car in Bangalore as no one wants to be a victim of fraudulence but buying a certified used car from trustworthy online dealers would definitely give you confidence and security.

Steps to follow before the purchase

Every growing city in India is facing the problem of proper public transport system. Purchasing second hand car is wise decision if you want to satisfy your desire of driving your own car and save money simultaneously. Check few factors initially before going for scrutinizing the car physically.

  • The inspection report and pictures provided in the website and try to analyze the real condition of the vehicle
  • Accumulate the authentic vehicle history and service history
  • The mileage and age of the car
  • How many times the vehicle has been sold
  • The loan history of the car
  • Whether the model of the car is outdated or not

Once you shortlist the cars of your choice that meet your criterion go for evaluating the car in person and if you have limited knowledge about the mechanical and technical condition it is advisable to take an expert for the guidance.

Cross check the information on the website

After test drive if you are convinced that it is the right car for you then cross check the information provided on the website whether it is tallying with the present condition of the vehicle. Check all the original papers namely loan, insurance, service and all other relevant documents before the final negotiation on price and transfer of ownership.