A single click on a corrupted email link can cause an entire building of linked computers to become infected. Criminals expertly disguise spam email as legitimate correspondence every day, and it can take a certain level of sophistication to catch them in the act before it is too late. Once your unsuspecting co-worker clicked on an outside link, or responded to the infected message, the entire company became the target of devastating and malicious activity.

The virus, or hacker, can worm through a company in a matter of minutes, often undetected, and cause significant harm to the company, its employees, its partners, and the clients who place their trust in it. In short, a single malicious email can cause dramatic harm to a business, and millions of companies are now considering spam filtering as protection from this happening to them.

Last year alone, it was estimated that over one billion email addresses were stolen from marketing companies in an email scheme utilising spam. The criminals not only successfully gained access to the computer systems via targeted spam emails, but the hack was successful in tricking the company’s own system in sending out the hacked emails to employees. Over the course of some months, the criminals were able to amass millions of pounds in commissions for software and products sold. The only way to truly reduce the risk of this happening to your company is to consider spam filtering from Mailcleaner.

Only the Emails You Want

After spam emails flood a mailbox, the mail you actually need may be sent to the trash file. Criminals design spam to prevent important and legitimate correspondence from reaching the intended audience. However, professionals designed spam filtering software as a way to block the junk and prevent it from ever reaching your inbox. Rather than an employee wasting time out of his or her work day to shuffle through multiple emails to find the legitimate ones, they can get back to work and focus on other responsibilities. Experts took the time to make such filtering extremely efficient, making it possible for employees to see important emails the moment they arrive. By blocking spam before it can reach you, your networks and servers continue to run smoothly, and efficiently, without interruption.

Complies with Regulations

Often, companies and businesses are held to strict privacy regulations and standards in regards to their computer systems and correspondence. Spam filtering was designed to assist companies with remaining compliant and up-to-date with security standards. If, for even a moment, you fear that you may be at risk of an infection, it is in your best interest to contact a reputable company capable of setting you up with the proper protection. The time and money you save in the long run will quickly add up, and your clients will trust you more knowing that you have invested in every avenue of protection for their assets. No matter what type of product you sell, or service you provide, your clients deserve the chance to feel at ease under your care, and you can help them feel as such with this type of software on your side.