Is simply amazing the amount of reports of cyber attacks and online hackers entering large corporations. It appears every day we have seen that there has been cyber attacks on the government, military, and our Fortune 500 companies. No longer just the government, but the citizens are with more cyber defense, and and more powerful personal computers. Clearly, this totally is appreciated through the lobbyists within the computer industry, and also the cyber security software sector.

Possibly you’re as troubled like me about the way forward for computer security? I lately, noted articles in Homeland Security News, one of several indeed, however it helped me stop and think. The content was printed on This summer 15, 2011 within the Cyber Business Section entitled “Recent deluge of cyber attacks leads to record spending,” also it mentioned

“The deluge of much talked about cyber attacks on major corporations and government entities such as the U.S. Senate, the CIA, and The new sony has driven a clear, crisp rise in interest in cyber security experts within the first six several weeks of the year alone, cyber attacks and knowledge breaches have cost U.S. companies roughly $96 billion, nearly the entire in 2010 analysts project 2011 is the busiest year yet by having an believed $75.6 billion in cyber security spending, surpassing last year’s record $63 billion.”

Now then, why the greater we spend, the greater attacks we obtain, and also the more home security systems we set up in defense, the greater chinks within the armor the cyber online hackers find? It appears in my experience the online hackers are simply as smart as individuals designing the systems, and possibly, even among exactly the same number of buddies as individuals designing the firewalls. It appears bad we have a game title of immediate escalation, and perhaps we want a brand new strategy.

Maybe what we have to do is alter the game completely, visit a completely different system, and alter everything around to ensure that we prevent the kinds of cyber attacks we have been getting. Every time we waste your money, there appears to become more media concerning the cyber attacks, also it appears to become developing a feeding craze in Washington Electricity, because they spend our taxpayer’s money for additional robust personal computers. One may also ask exactly why is the federal government collecting a lot information, exactly what do they require it for – and it is it truly helping their efficiency?

Think about this for a moment, government has already been inefficient because of its nature, bureaucracies are always. Simply because the paperwork is much more efficient moving information around, does not mean what it’s doing is true, or perhaps an efficient process to begin with. The opportunity to do more using computers does not matter if your work is simply shuffling documents – should you shuffle the documents faster or even more from it, are you currently really succeeding at anything?

Now then, hold that thought for any second, and let us return to another subject, in other words the task in our current Internet, and personal computers. Nobody attempts to hack into mainframes any longer right, everybody is attempting to compromise in to the Internet now. Let’s say we altered our bodies completely, developing a entirely unique system, something well past what we should are presently using now. For the reason that situation our personal computers wouldn’t be available to cyber attack. Also it might provide us with time for you to breathe and strengthen our systems before the cyber attackers determine the brand new system.

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