Preparing for a medical practice exam is no easy task. It is for this reason that there are some online study groups for those preparing for the tests. Here, individuals can share their fears, interests, and concerns and also how they have been tackled. These groups may also have members from the same region that may be experiencing the same hardships.

Furthermore, professionals may be added to these groups and offer counsel and words of advice on what the panelists and examiners expect, which is a resource for anyone looking to not only sit the exam but also pass the exam as well.


There are some websites affiliated with medical practice sites such as MedWorksMedia. These can be quite resourceful in preparing for an exam in that you know what to expect, what you need to know and how to tackle the questions as required. Some medical jargon may be explained in these websites as well. In other instances, possible problems and how they have been addressed in the past may be explained also.

Online Demos

These can show the individual what interfaces work, especially in cases where the exam is administered through a site and not on paper. It gives one the chance to learn about the software ahead of the exam. Apart from the online demos, one can go through various blogs of different students who have taken the test in the past.

Since they have experienced the system and know where it pinches the most, they are better placed to advise and give tips on what to expect and how to beat the clock or timer. Like the websites, the demos and blogs may have quick fixes that may not easily be available on organization websites.

Self-Administered Evaluating Examination

The SAE is an online practice exam to assist you to test your level of preparation for the medical exam. There are five SAE variants, each consisting of some 96 multiple-choice puzzles picked from six areas of specialty. Each version will offer the student a similar level of complexity, for example, the SAE-EE5 is simpler compared to SAE-EE1.

The SAE provides an excellent example of the style and types of queries that one may find in the exam. Once you complete the practice test, you receive an instant feedback through email on the number of questions you answered correctly. This will be listed compared to how other participants performed as well. However, the system will not break down which questions you answered correctly or even got wrong. Ensure you enter the correct email address to receive your results promptly.

In conclusion, many online resources can help one prepare for a medical practice test adequately. The ones listed above are only part of a longer list. However, be advised that the online platform may have options that may not be quite too genuine. Before you set up to be part of an online platform, ensure it is either affiliated with a known association or organization and those others can attest to it and prove it is indeed as genuine.