It’s 2016, so if you don’t have a smart phone by now you are behind the times. If you prefer a flip phone or just are resistant to purchasing a smartphone, listen to these reasons why smartphones really make your life easier.

Smartphones are smart, it says it right in the name. They make so many things easier for you. Also, so much information that you can benefit from, is at your fingertips. Smartphone applications are endless and can suit any need you have.

Some of the best features most smartphones have are web search, quality photography, and the wallet feature.  When you are in need of finding a solution to something, no fear, with a smartphone you can search for it right away. Don’t want to lug around a camera? Well no worries, smartphones have quality functioning cameras. This feature also allows you to share photos and videos within seconds. Don’t have time to print your ticket? You can use your smartphone wallet feature to pull up your tickets, paperless. Using a smartphone just makes everything so much more convenient.

Another great feature of smartphones is the reminder setting. Many smartphones have an inherit application that helps remind you of things you need to do, making your life so much easier. For example, no need to fret over remembering to take your vitamins, just set a reminder! You can even use your smartphone to reorder those vitamins. If you want to save money on those vitamins you can check out Groupon Coupons for the Vitamin Shoppe. Everything is right at the click of a button with a smartphone.

 Of course smartphones have other awesome applications to help with everyday needs. Couldn’t read the newspaper this morning? No problem, read it on your smartphone! Wondering how to dress for the weather? Check your smartphone’s weather application for an accurate forecast. Need to listen to music while on public transit or working out? It’s all right on your phone! Make the switch to a smart phone, and put your life at ease.